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Go on a journey to the East and enjoy an authentic and highly-functioning composition of tasting notes when Indian Maharaja serves a 5-course menu, set high standards for Indian food where an ancient food tradition is upheld. The menu will definitely send you thoughts of eastern and warmer skies!

Decide the strength for yourself

Maharaja has a large menu with just over 60 dishes, which the restaurant emphasizes can be adjusted in spice and chili strength, so that they fit even tighter Danes' palates.

Lots of vegetarian food

The dishes are divided into dishes with lamb, chicken, beef, but many Indians are vegetarians, and therefore an Indian restaurant is often a good bet if you are to invite a vegetarian out.

Eat like the Indians

One of the house's specialties is thali, which means a collection of small dishes, pappadams, dips and rice in steel bowls on a tray. Thali is often vegetarian, but Maharaja also includes meat dishes in the thali.

Thali is a good bid if you are only two people, but would like to eat as the Indians eat. They do not order each dish, but a lot of dishes that the whole company eats so they can taste as much as possible.

Chicken for the kids

If you have the kids, you can get a creamy, Indian chicken pot or a fish fillet with French fries and ketchup.

Bread and rice are ordered on top

Remember that rice and bread must be ordered separately when you eat Indian, Chapati and roti are delicious, flat graham bread baked without yeast, while naan is white, fine flour. The Indians always have (often strong) pickles, mango chutney and raita on the table when they eat.

Raita dampens chili

Raita is a yogurt dressing that is good to have nearby, if you have ordered her curry in an equally legitimate authentic chili pot, as it dampens the chilli layer just as velvet curtains dampen the sound level in a room.


Restaurant Maharaja had the following food reviews:

  • Skærmbillede 2016-04-16 kl. 17.09.42
  • 4 Kitchen cooks (Politiken) 2009
  • 4 Mailers (SYDSVENSKAN) 2010
  • 3 Stars (Berlingske Tidende) 2010
  • ARLA, Maharaja, "A kitchen with yogurt here, there and everywhere.."